Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1st Ale Stars Meeting & Stuff

Last night was the first meeting of the Ale Stars - our beer club. The night focussed on Porters and four were showcased with Shandy leading the discussion with his tasting notes and history lesson! The food matches were very good I thought (thanks Ty) and it was heaps of fun sitting around and chatting about beers. It would be fantastic if the Ale Stars group continues to grow like this. Next month's meeting is all about Stouts.

Thanks again to Cloudwine for their ongoing support and Shandy for all his efforts.

Very unexpectedly we've been listed as a finalist as Best Speciality Beer Venue in the Australian Bar Awards alongside the likes of Cookie (winners last year), Redoak, Belgian Beer Cafe Sydney, The Whitsheaf and the Bavarian Bier Cafe. After just a few months of being opening, we're obviously very pleased to be in such great company.


  1. Fantastic night last night, great value for the food and amazing beers! Thanks guys.

    Will there ever be a possibility of having some kind of cider session?

  2. Thanks for the great feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the night.

    We have a lot of beer styles to get through before we would think about ciders but it's an idea we could explore in the future (along with mead, fermented honey)..

    The next Ale Stars meeting on Aug 19th is all about Stouts, a great beer style some people shy away from without realising how amazing they are.


  3. Yes indeed - Ella and I enjoyed the evening ... almost too much if you get my drift. As new Melburnians we're super glad to find it on our doorstep.

    Impressed with the food and the range of beers, plus the encylopaedic Shandy.

    Have a few ideas to pitch in to whoever wants feedback.

    Looking forward to the next one, and will try to recruit some more afficionados.

    PS - what's the deal with the Alestars mugs, I like the sound of that.

  4. Hey Graham, thanks for your comments. We always appreciate constructive feedback so feel free to email me at or email your phone number and I'll call you.

    Re. the glass mugs, we are looking at offering year memberships to the Ale Stars which would include your own engraged glass handled mug and individual glass locker. Hopefully, this idea isn't too far away!