Thursday, July 31, 2008

Found the Occasion to Sample Crown Ambassador Reserve

I forgot to mention that on Saturday I broke bread with John (from Cookie), Roxy and Andrew (from Transport), David (distributor of Meantime) and his wife Megan.

Cutting a long story short, we eventually cracked open the box and then the waxed bottle (seriously, this beer would be half the price without this much wank) of Crown Ambassador Reserve (9.2% ABV), a Euro Strong Lager which surprised all of us. Thankfully, it bears no resemblance to its namesake 'premium' lager. It looked good (amber/burnt orange with a solid head that laced nicely), smelt good and tasted great. It was full bodied, caramelly (but not too sweet) and with a spicy fruitiness (I guess from the Galaxy hops they 'hand picked'!). I'll definitely set aside at least one bottle for tasting in 12 months time as I think this could age well.

If you see one, indulge.

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