Friday, July 25, 2008

Last EVER keg of Matilda Bay Barking Duck Saison tapped

We've just tapped the last EVER keg of Matilda Bay Barking Duck Saison as they've decided to discontinue it (not sure why). The new beers from MB are a scaled down Alpha American Pale Ale (they haven't finalised the name yet but I'm tasting the latest batch on Monday) and a dunkelweizen called Sebastian (named after one of the brewer's pet duck I believe).

Not sure whether I'll get another Saison on tap (if so, it'll be Bridge Road's version) or a different style. Post your suggestions!

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  1. Though certainly not to everyones taste, at least 'the duck' was out there trying something different. Put me down for a vote for Bridge Road.Ben Krauss' beers are made with beer drinkers as well as beer 'thinkers' in mind. That plus I can't think of any other local saisons of the top of my head!
    Prof. Pilsner