Monday, July 28, 2008

New Matilda Bay beer tasting

JJ, James and I were invited this afternoon to Lamaro's in South Melbourne to taste Matilda Bay's newest beer (which still remains nameless), an APA which I first tasted direct from the fermenting tank in Dandenong a couple of months ago when we paid them a visit. It's been described as a scaled down, sessionable version of the award-winning Alpha Pale Ale but what I tried today tasted much better than the earlier version.

This beer had been kegged today (I think) at the brewery so it was FRESH. It had been dry hopped and hop flakes were still present (they will ultimately filter the beer). The citrusy Cascade hops were fantastic on the nose (apparently there is a small amount of Nelson Sauvin hops from NZ included as well) and the beer packed a fairly assertive and flavourful hop punch. It was nicely balanced thought and didn't have the unpleasant metallic aftertaste which put me off the earlier version. It was also pretty sessionable (I had five!) and is less than 5% ABV.

The beer should be out in October and should do well.

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