Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tangerine Lineup for next Tuesday

Tangerine comes around again next Tuesday. Here's Colette's blurb from the Facebook site:

Mid winter, we sometimes wonder if the cold will ever cease… therefore all the more reason to come inside out of the cold and watch great films!

August brings us a fantastic mix of work that is hard hitting with a message (GunCrime), romantic (Nicolas Randell) ,animated (James Coperman) to work that just makes you giggle and feel good…

Both Sydney and Melbourne have work featured this month along side London and France. Looking forward to seeing you August 5th.

August 5 2008
Director Contributions…

‘White lines’
Director: Craig MacLean
Format: Short Film
Company: The Guild
City: Melbourne
Length: 7 minutes

‘Gun Crime’
Director: Sean De Sparengo
Format: anti gun crime promo
Company: Coy!
City: London
Length: 2 minutes

Director: James Coperman
Format: Music Promo Laura Marling
Company: RSA FILMS
City: London
Length: 4 minutes

‘All he needs’
Director: Nicolas Randall
Format: Short Film
Company: Independent films
City: Sydney
Length: 4 minute

Director: Aaron F
Format: Music Promo
Company: Milly Films
City: Brussels
Length: 4 minute


  1. sounds interesting ... what time does it start?

  2. Hey Graham,

    Tangerine starts around 6.30pm..