Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Passionberry Porter - Next in Line for Barons?

This is a photo of a friend (Jeff) and I at a Barons Squadron function last week in Sydney being guinea pigs for Baron Brewing's possible new beers. I have to stress that I am married and Jeff is just a friend and not a "friend" (as the photo might suggest to some, being in Sydney and all). Ha ha!

Barons Brewer, Richard Adamson, told me he brewed the beers in his kitchen at home. One was a rye beer (I forgot the name) and the other was a Passionberry Porter made with some kind of bush fruit (in line with their native beer range). It was my fave of the two and apparently most thought the same. Time will tell whether they now officially release it.


  1. You really do look like special friends. It was a type of "bush tomato" that Richard used in the beer. It was definitely the favourite of the two. A few of their better known Black Wattle Ales went down rather nicely too!

  2. Big fan of the stuff Barons are doing. Tried the ESB this week as well as the lager and was very impressed with both. Beautifully balanced and a definite point of interest in both samples. Have a witbier in the fridge for tonight's testing and tasting. Funny, if you asked me ten years ago to try a beer with tomato in it I would've made a discreet call to the men in white suits - now I can't wait to try it!
    Prof. Pilsner