Monday, September 29, 2008

Lineup for Octoberfest Finalised!

After a few hiccups, here's the final lineup for this Saturday's Octoberfest SpecTAPular:

1 Erdinger Hefeweizen
2 Schlösser Alt
3 Kölsch Cologne
4 Bitburger Pilsner
5 Dortmunder speciality lager style
6 Radeberger Pils
7 Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel
8 Hövels Pale Ale
9 Paulaner Oktoberfest
10 Hofbräu München Helles

11 Duke Hefeweizen
12 3 Ravens Blond (Altbier)
13 Colonial Kölsch
14 Redoak Oktoberfest Märzen
15 Dogbolter Munich Dunkel
16 Wobbly Boot Smokey Weizen
17 Hunter Bock
18 Big Reg Vienna Lager
19 Chevalier Hefe Weizen Dunkel
20 Red Hill Weizenbock


  1. Which Kölsch is it? Früh? Dom? Gaffel? Reissdorf? Kölner Verbund? Gilden? Or one of the other many Kölsch brands from Cologne?

    And Hövels.... yum!!!

  2. I'm sorry to sound like an idiot but may i know where the venue is?

  3. 184 Carlisle Street, East St Kilda (by cnr Chapel Street). Hope to see you there!


  4. If i were to come from the city.. which tram would that be?

  5. If you go to and then CONTACT, you will find the tram routes, their stops and even tram tackers..

  6. hey I'm sure I read somewhere that you had to book a place for this, am I imagining this

  7. Hey metjam,

    Ale Stars sessions (our beer club) you have to prebook but with the SpecTAPular beerfests, you just turn up on the day..

    Hope to see you then!


  8. are you going to have the german beers on tap from saturday in the future

  9. The 20 taps together were just for the Octoberfest SpecTAPular although we get some of the beers from time to time on our Showcase taps. I am trying to get Paulaner Octoberfest for the rest of the month.