Sunday, October 26, 2008

ANHC Dinner & Awards - Report & Photos

Ale Star Shandy (who peaked a tad early!)
GG and I were invited last night to the ANHC dinner and Australian Homebrewer of the Year Awards. Held at Ormond Hall (behind the Belgian Beer Cafe on St Kilda Rd) after a two day conference, the night was hosted by Paul Mercurio. There was a great attendance with home brewers coming from around Australia (including Brent from Darwin), NZ and the Special Guests from the States.

While I didn't attend the conference (the first of its kind), I heard many great things about it. Congratulations go to the organisers and sponsors (Grain & Grape, Beermasons, Fosters etc) for working together to put on a great show. We were thrilled to give away the first prize from us & Mountain Goat (see here) to Ross Mitchell from ACT when he was announced Australian Homebrewer of the Year. I can't wait to see what he and the Goat team come up with!

Afterwards, the beer folk hung around for a few drinks and later a handful joined us at The Taphouse to end a fantastic evening..

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ACT Brewers

Moi and GG (right) with Australian Homebrewer of the Year, Ross Mitchell.

Lachlan Strong (ANHC) and Guy.

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  1. G'day Guy and Steve,

    Was bloody fantastic to have sampled the fine repertoire of the Tap House over a few old stories!! The ANHC was a great success and an after party at your establishment in coming years would put the froth on top. Guy mate, it was just like yesterday, good times at the old Albert Drive Raceway. You guys are kicking!!

    Once again awesome to see beer connoisseurs serving it up!!!

    All the best,

    Brent from Darwin