Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interesting Beers coming up

Having just updated our list of what's coming up (in the right column of this blog), I thought it was worthy of a separate post!

Mountain Goat Dunkelweizen
Bright Brewery's Fruit Lambic (exclusive)
The Decommissionator (Little Creatures)
Red Hill's Bohemian Pilsner
Mountain Goat Rapunzel Belgian Ale
Matilda Bay Fat Yak APA (launch Nov 14)
Red Angus Pilsner
Wicked Elf Wit
Flying Horse Dirty Angel Ale (during Aust.Golf Masters)
Murray's Pilsner
Coldstream Pilsener

As usual, any ideas or recommendations welcome!


  1. I see good summer drinking in that line up.

  2. any idea when the Decommisionator will arrive?

  3. it's arrived Briony and should be on tap (along with the Bright Lambic) within a day or two. I'll SMS out to the database!

  4. Was great to try the Decommissionator on Sunday! Hopefully it hasn't run out by tomorrow!

    Any chance of getting Coldstream Cider on tap/bottled?