Sunday, October 5, 2008

Octoberfest SpecTAPular Wrap Up & Slide Show

What an awesome day Octoberfest SpecTAPular turned out to be! The weather was perfect, the Black Forest (oompa) Band brilliant and 20 German/German-style beers on tap to cater for the masses who turned out.

The day started off encouragingly as people waited for the doors to open and the crowd just built all afternoon. From the evening on, we had a queue for most of the remainder of the night.

The band were great fun and the audience-participation show of yodelling, slap dancing and cowbell ringing displays were hilarious.

After some feedback from our first SpecTAPular, we introduced new SpecTAPular tasting paddles which proved overhelmingly popular with punters and it was great to see so many people trying all the different beer styles and reading about them in the Tasting Booklet.

It was fantastic to see so many regular customers (and Ale Stars) as well as a host of new faces..

Thanks to Beach Ave Wholesalers for sponsoring the event and all the staff who worked so bloody hard (and long) to make it happen. Sorry you had to listen to Bavarian music for 13 hours straight - it was even boring a hole in my skull by the end of the night.

See all photos and videos in this slideshow.

Fancy a bit of slap dancing.

Claudes & Kate in costume.

Bec, Guy and Kate.


  1. Any leftover kegs like after the last one?

  2. We sold heaps of beer on the day but had about 8 part filled kegs to finish. As of last night that was down to about 3 or 4 so I don't expect to any to last pass this weekend. We will get more kegs of the Paulaner Octoberfest though..