Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The 'Real' Report on last night - by Ale Star Prof. Pilsner

I wish I had the time (and the writing skills!) to post in-depth reports of what goes on @ The Local but when you have Ale Stars like Prof. Pilsner (that's him on the right - does anyone know his real name???) doing such splendid work, why bother!

Read Prof's report on last night's Ale Stars here.

Oh, and I've now linked to your blog PP..


  1. I'm pretty sure he had his first name changed to "Professor" a couple of years ago.

    Prior to that, I believe he may have been the character that played the Bundy Bear...

  2. Prof, what a fantastic wrap up! I WISH I could've been there but alas, was in Sydney for work. Reading the review makes me wish I was there even more!

    Shandy, I saved a glass for you from Octoberfest Spectapular - the one you wanted. It's in the office for you so ask the manager.