Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would you trust this man to serve you a beer?

Last night was a cracker. The weather was mild, the joint was packed, the beer was flowing (especially Fat Yak) and Sim's Holiday Adventure were rocking downstairs. Bring on summer...

Oh, and makes sure you pledge a donation to Justin for his Movember efforts (above). It's for a very good cause. You can donate by going to and enter my reg no. (1877611)

See the full set of photos and video here.


  1. G'Day all,
    Justin - you don't look TOO dodgy and I would still happily buy a beer from you but maybe not a used car! I have run my MoVembeer project again this year (for blokes who don't look good in a mo and drink beer instead) and have a bit of cash to donate. Is there a link on your blog for your Mo so I can send some coin your way?
    Pete (prof. Pilsner

  2. Justin tells me you can donate by going to and enter my reg no. (1877611).

  3. Thanks Steve

    I have also thrown together a post about the top 100 beers you are running and hopefully we can generate a few entries. The pic you have used for the top 100 is the winning entry from last years Beer Photo Competition run by A Good Beer Blog and Stonch's Beer Blog, and some of your crowd might be interested in enterin - if someone out your way can't take a good arty/beery shot, then who can!?!

    Prof. Pilsner