Friday, December 5, 2008

A Fair Go for Craft Beer - Excise Tax is Killing Craft Beer in Australia!

From the new website, A Fair Go for Craft Beer:

Australia's small breweries are being strangled by excise tax. On top of all the usual taxes any small business pays, microbrewers have to fork out 25% of their sales income straight to the ATO in the form of excise. How is an industry expected to survive under such a crippling tax regime?

The Australian Association of Microbreweries needs your help to persuade the Federal Government to amend Excise Tax legislation and to give microbrewers a FAIR GO.

Better beer lovers have a lot to gain from what is being proposed so we're going to play or our part by having a petition on the the bars for punters to sign..


Here's an RMIT news story to put you in the picture..

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  1. Next time I complain about the case price of Aussie microbrews compared to o/s stuff like Hoegaarden I have a reason beyond "economies of scale".
    I've a bit more of an understanding.