Friday, January 16, 2009

Feral Razorback Barleywine coming

Due to age nicely in our Melbourne and Sydney kegrooms until we're ready to unleash it (when the weather cools down) will soon be kegs of the Feral's Razorback English Barleywine. Here's what The West Australian newspaper had to say about it:

"It’s so special that it will surprise many – not least because the dark-ruby draught beer is a barley “wine” served in a wine goblet. Don’t be frightened by the wine-strength 11 per cent alcohol, because this smooth sipping beer is so delightfully flavoursome – apricot, caramel, chocolate, tangerine hints - and smooth that it drinks easily. The alcohol content becomes nothing more than a support for the stacks of taste; there’s no spirity kick to interfere with the sheer contentment that comes with each mouthful."


  1. Are you suggesting there is something wrong with drinking Barleywine when its 35 degrees???

  2. It's not the first beer that comes to mind in this scorching weather!