Monday, February 23, 2009

Bushfire and Hargreaves Hill Brewery Appeal

On Ttursday night we held the bushfire and Hargreaves Hill Brewery appeal at The Local Taphouse. I have to say that we were absolutely thrilled with the support we received from everyone for this great cause.

The punters, brewers, staff, entertainment and venue managed to raise a whopping ......

$13,764!!! (...and there’s still some more to come)!

Here's where it all came from:

$6,325 – From Auctions, Raffles, Staff Tips, Bar top buckets & Door Charge

$225 – Donations via paypal on our website

$2,500 – pledged by Accenture

$1,000 – raised by Hotel Lincoln

$1,500 – The Local Taphouse

$2,214 – This is the cost price of the kegs donated that we're paying to the appeal

There are also more kegs that have been pledeged and are still on their way, so this figure will no doubt rise!

Everyone involved should be really proud of this fantastic result. While there are so many people to thank, I’d like to make a couple of special mentions....

Thanks to Janet for being such a great MC and for her  super auctioneering and raffle drawing skills! Thanks to Justin Hamilton and Jeff Green for their generous donation of their time and hilarious acts and to The Band Who Knew Too Much for punching out some fantastic tunes.

Thank you also to all our amazing suppliers and friends who contributed the prizes including sensational beers, bed and breakfast retreats, dinners for two and personal training sessions (the single biggest auction item for the night – thanks to Stef Hanson) to name but a few.  You guys really rock!!

Specifically, thank you to: Matilda Bay, Mountain Goat, 2 Brothers, Otway Estate, Red Hill Brewery, 5 Islands Brewery, NSW Brewer's Guild, Little Brewing Co., Trumer, Beer Masons, Temple Brewing,, Holgate Brewery, Lincoln Hotel, Stef Hanson, Greg Hack & Accenture!

Our awesome staff also grouped together to donate all their tips and collectively raised around $2,500. Finally, a special thanks to all the punters for coming down and supporting the cause and giving up their hard earned when all agree we’re coming up to some tougher times.

All in all a HUGE success. THANK YOU!!!

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