Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barons Showcase

Jeff, Richard & Simon at the Barons Showcase

We kicked off our first brewery showcase at The Local in Sydney tonight with 3 first-released beers making their way to the showcase taps.
It was great to see so many of the local brewing folk making their way to the bar to sample the range. Sam and Drew from Swartz Brewery, Scotty from 5 Islands and of course Richard from Barons were all there. There were also lots of locals enjoying the variety and just in for a drink and a chat.

Some locals enjoying a beer and a chat...

But what about the beers?..

The three new brews on offer were the Honey Bock, Summer Ale and Hop Mother.

We all decidedthat the Honey Bock was "dangerously drinkable" at 7.3% with surprising dryness and Richard confessed it had fermented longer than initially intended. Too many of these and you could be in all sorts!

The Summer Ale was very accessible and I can see it having a more mass-appeal. Some woody finishes and rather light bodied from the use of both malted and unmalted wheat.

The Hop Mother was my favourite for sure. I'm somewhat of a hop-head at times and this had a fair bit to it at 47.5 IBUs (International Bitterness Units for the non-beer geeks among us, Andy where's that bell?) tipping it into the more bitter end of the American Pale Ale spectrum. The generous use of Nelson Hops gave it one of my favourite flavour profiles...I'm a big fan of those piney and summer/tropical fruit was definitely a hit with me.

More locals...

Electra and the crew all seemed to be enjoying the night too and it's great to see everyone settling in a bit now that we've officially been open 2 me it feels like a year already!

The Barons showcase taps will all be flowing until the kegs run out so get in and grab a pint while you can!


  1. Mate, the hop mother was 67 IBU's i do believe!

  2. Good to see Damon getting away from work.

  3. yeah ... what Brewer Scotty said.

    Must say, I tried all of the new Barons in St Kilda over the weekend, and agree with all that's been written - HB amazingly drinkable (my wife reckoned it could be sessioned!!!), Hop Mother beautiful and not too overpowering. Summer Ale ... makes me homesick.

    Good work!