Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thats pretty F@#$ing impressive!

Its great to see punters wander in to our new venue and get as excited as we are about it... We had a visit from Jason - a home brewer from Brisbane - last night who was in town on business and made a beeline for the Taphouse as soon as he could. He approached the bar, looked up at the beer list and, amazed, asked if all 20 listed beers were on tap. The answer was of course yes and he simply turned to the bar tender and said "thats pretty f#&%ing impressive".

Jason then went on to call mates from Brisbane to Melbourne (one of which wants a Local Taphouse in Brisbane right now) to read them the list of beers he had at his disposal and embarked on a tasting paddle of the biggest beers we had to offer including the Feral Razorback which went down a treat at 11.5%.

Guy and I gave him the royal tour and his other descriptions of the bar included F#%&ing phenomenal, bloody awesome, and you've got to be joking!

Nice one Jase - we look forward to seeing you again. Cheers, Justin & Guy

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  1. 20 beers on tap and not a cooking lager in sight. Beer heaven!