Monday, April 27, 2009

Sydney clocks up its first 60 beers on tap

We're only 8 (maybe 9?) weeks old and Darlo has already clocked up about 60 different beers on tap. What was your fave so far??


  1. Faves would be

    The Wig and Pen IIPA on ANZAC Day..
    Wicked Elf Pale
    and the Chevalier Saison!

  2. Definetly the Wig & Pen IIPA (double venom IPA)!!!!

    I wish I could get this in bottles!

  3. The Flying Horse Dirty Angel Porter was fantastic!!!

  4. I agree with all the faves so far but would also include the following:

    Ivercargill Pitch Black Stout
    Stone & Wood Draught Ale
    Feral Razorback Barley Wine
    3 Ravens Blonde

    I reckon I could just keep listing them too but have to stop somewhere. I keep coming back to the Wicked Elf APA because it's got so much going on but you can still sit on it for the stone fruit flavours!