Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Timeout Sydney says (mostly) nice things

We were only opened less than a week before Time Out (Sydney) came a-visiting the Darlo Taphouse. Their review in this month's edition was great (5 stars) except for the reference to food which, I reckon, was a tad unfair given we were still testing dishes and very much finding our feet. Anyway, all publicity is good publicity right?!

Read the review here..


  1. "Fun fact: ale is served two degrees cooler than lager to enhance the flavour" Seems they got a bit confused?

    Great review, I'll definitely pop in next time I'm in sydney to check out the differences with st kilda.

  2. yeah, we thought that funny ourselves!

    Look forward to hosting you in Sydney!

  3. Hey Steve,
    Maybe they meant that if the way you serve your ales makes the drinker 'two degrees of cool' better than lager drinkers... like instead of 'coke-bottle' glasses and a pocket protector, you are just wearing knee socks and sandals?

    Prof. Pilsner

  4. That's an awesome review. Hope you guys kill it. Sydney sucks, but even those plebs deserve better than the crap they have to put up with.