Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Spangled SpecTAPular - US beers finally set sail

Star Spangled SpecTAPular...

American & BIG Beer Beerfest is coming to The Local Taphouse

I'm thrilled (and somewhat relieved) to announce the beers we're importing from the US for our next seasonal beerfest have finally set sail! Short of a run in with Somali pirates somewhere off the coast, the kegs should arrive in late June. I'm seriously hoping there are no hiccups!!!

We're importing 8 different styles in total and will be making around 5 (or more?) of them available on July 4th (Independence Day) both in Melbourne and Sydney. These are truly awesome beers and it will be the first time they're ever on tap anywhere in Australia. I'm talking big beers, bigger than Superbowl, World Series Baseball, Arnie's cigar and a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the head all at the same time!

To complement them we've invited Aussie brewers to showcase some of their American, BIG and different beer styles as well. We're talking lots of sensational Aussie brews. I'm salivating just thinking about them all. I've secured most of the beers and I'll confirm the line up soon.

There'll be great American style entertainment on the day, traditional American food and the whole day is going to be an absolute ripper. The beers are sure to run out quicker than the funds of an American investment bank. I'm pretty damn excited.

I was thinking of calling it the "Yes we can" SpecTAPular but the boys (JJ, James and Ben) were pretty keen on Star Spangled and it does kinda have a ring to it.

So be there, or incur the wrath of Uncle Sam...

And, probably more importantly, the guy who can slam revolving doors...

Chuck Norris


  1. Awesome, can't wait to see this list.

  2. I will be there. Having tried all brews pictured, I can contest to their worthyness! Rogue is an awesome brewery. Please get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap. I've only ever tried it poored lovelessly with an All American ignorance to how the brew should be served.

  3. Oh, yes.

    Just ... YES.

    Thank you SO much, Guy. I'm not religious but is there someone or something out there looking after beer lovers in Australia at the moment?

    Having spent time in California I can attest to the supreme qwality of these (always sensational and) occasionally gargantuan brews. I remember Rogue beers in the Toronado Bar in San Francisco. Heavy!



  4. To Anonymous at 3:37 AM: Here are a bunch of wonderful beers that are the product of American ingenuity and some guy still can't resist a go at the Yanks. Jeez! If you hate the Americans that much, keep drinking your VB.

  5. There's plenty of all Australian ignorance when it comes to beer too, I don't think any country has a monopoly on that. I think that's changing for the better though!

    I would LOVE to get Sierra Nevada on tap! A cracker of a beer and pioneer of the style. But we're finding it hard enough to get regular supply in the bottle.

    Pete, make sure you say g'day on 4th so we can cheers over a st rogues red.

  6. rogue...drooool...where do i pay my money ?