Wednesday, June 17, 2009

St Kilda Ale Stars - Winter Ales

Another month, another cracking Ale stars session last night. Winter Ales were the tipple of choice and a record breakingly huge crowd rocked in.

We tried Holgate's Nut Brown Ale, Lobethal Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Meantime Winter Time and Young's Christmas Pudding. The most popular drop was the Nut Brown Ale - Shandy's favourite from the Holgate range but this was closely followed by the Youngs Christmas Pudding despite the fact that it was described by Tom from Goat as 'the most interesting beer I've tasted in ages...but I don't like it'.

After being lambasted for his high brow (nigh on impossible) trivia in May, Shandy came to the party with some more accessible questions and the competition was hot. Team 'High Table' came through with the goods despite a mid season slump in the form of a 1 out of 5 second round. They came home with a wet sail, scoring a perfect 5 from 5 in round three to displace the Prof from his throne of trivia whiz for the second consecutive month.

Speaking of the Prof, it was revealed last night that Shandy will take a month of paternity leave and his ample shoes will be filled by one Professor Pilsener for July's Ale Stars. Its sure to be a great night, with Shandy's instructions to the Prof to be 'not shit' and 'not better than me'. It will also be the third month in a row the Prof won't win the trivia which means we are all in with a good chance of victory.

You can check out pics from the night here...

The next Ale Stars, hosted by the Professor, will be held on July 21. See you there.


  1. can't believe you're trusting the professor to run the show! this will be unmissable!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Miss "Leave Early to cahse Boys"!!

    I am just putting the finishing touches to the trivia questions and the How To Vote cards for the Prof Pilsner for Ale Stars Czar campaign!


  3. Alleged boy chasing aside, I never even noticed Shandy was pregnant! Thought he'd just been downing a few more pints than usual ... good luck Shandy!