Thursday, July 23, 2009

St Kilda Ale Stars, July - Belgian Blondes with the Prof

Well the much anticipated debut of our stand in Ale Star Czar was a cracker of a night with great beer, interesting trivia, and a fantastic special guest in Dave Bonighton, brewer and founding goat from Moutain Goat Brewery.

Shandy's shoes are big ones to fill and Professor Pilsner did not let us down. In his first attempt to pay homage to Shandy, the prof pulled up his sleeve to reveal his version of a meaningful tattoo. Whilst's Shandy's is an historic reference to his heritage, so was the Prof's, albeit a little less ancient. It was a not to scale illustration of the Glen Waverly train line, complete with 'premium' and regular stations alike.

And then it was onto the beers. Murrays Sassy Blond, Red Hill Belgian Blond , Duvel and Mountain Goat Rapunzel. The wrap on these is as always, best left to the Prof - you can read his wrap here.

The trivia was allegedly simplified by the Prof providing all the answers along with the questions. Thats how he sold it to us anyway. There were three rounds comprising, true or false, multiple choice, odd one out. Its fair to say that no team really dominated, but the 'High Table' did enough to get the job done. Probably the most controversial answer of the night was the odd one out that was the odd one out because it wasn't as oddly out as the other three answers. Confused? Yep, so was everyone.
A great night was had by all. A huge thanks to Professor Pilsner for ably standing in for Shandy and ensuring the night was a great success. Also, thanks to Dave from Goat who gave us a great insight into the making of Rapunzel and all other things Goat.


  1. Thanks Justin,

    You forgot to mention that, in a very emotional moment, I also announced my immediate retirement as Ale Star Tsar. I decided that I'd had a terrific career, a really good run, but it was the right time to stand down. While I was on top of my game. For those who couldn't be there on Tuesday, I'm planning to do a lap of the bar in an open-top pedal car next Ale Stars.

    Prof. Pilsner

  2. A quick correction - The High Table were winners of last month's Ale Stars trivia. This month's winners and proud sippers of Mountain Goat Rapunzels were 'Tin Tin's Dog Snowy' who narrowly beat The High Table, Here For The Beer, We Brought Our Own Pen and my personal favourite, Poo-Gasm.

    And you reckon my trivia questions were odd.


  3. Sounds like a cracker night. I must go to the next one.

  4. Absolutely shattered to have missed this one, sorry Prof, really wanted to be there for your big night but was exhausted. Lame excuse.

    Will be there next month though, my last ale stars before I head off overseas. Don't want to spoil the surprise but may be in attendance for November ale stars!!

  5. I so wish I could've been there! By all reports it was an absolute cracker of a night and the Prof was very funny. Hope someone got a photo of the Glen Waverley line tattoo. Sounds like Dave from Goat was a great special guest too. Next month is our Birthday celebration and will be another CRACKER!!