Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bright Brewery Bright Lager Lands At The Local

Something special has been happening up in the Victorian Alps.......

And I'm not talking about this years great ski season. Bright Brewery, after many requests have finally released The Bright Lager!

"This refreshing lager is made from all natural ingredients, with none of the artificial junk that leaves you feeling seedy. Bright Lager is as fresh and natural as the mountain town where it’s brewed: Bright. It features grain grown on a farm just down the road from the brewery, and hops from the local Alpine Valleys.
Bright Lager is delicately hopped and light on the palate. The flavour is reminiscent of new season apples and a subtle honey aroma is also present alongside the grainy characters you expect from a lager. While the lengthy fermentation and maturation time may frustrate the brewer, it rewards us with a beer that is so drinkable it should probably come with a caution. To preserve the fresh taste it is unfiltered and no clarifying agents are used. And the brewers wore only natural fibres and played acoustic music through the brewery sound system while brewing it."

Still not convinced? Well get on down to you nearest Local Taphouse and try it for yourself. And if good wordplay isn't enough, heres the sex appeal, A Bright Brewer in the Buff -

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  1. Looking forward to the Bright Brewery Showcase in September!!! Any word on what is coming on tap?