Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St Kilda Ale Stars - 1st Anniversary Extravaganza lineup

We're planning on celebrating the first birthday of the St Kilda Ale Stars with a cracker session featuring seven (that's right - SEVEN!) of some of the favourite beers of the past year!

Here's what is confirmed:

Weihnstephaner Hefeweissbier
Timothy Taylor Landlord Strong Pale Ale
Samuel Smiths Famous Taddy Porter
Schlenkerla - smoked marzen
Saison Dupont
Red Hill Imperial Stout

and probably Pilsner Urquell - But maybe Budvar!

There'll be a great quiz, awesome prizes, delicious pizzas and the usual hullabaloo. Oh, and Ale Star Tsar (and new dad), Shandy, will be back in the hot seat!

This month's special session is $35 which includes everything. Book at the top right hand section of this blog ASAP!


  1. Cannot wait. This ones gonna be a ripper. I think there's some awesome prizes to be won as well.

  2. Really, really excited for this one, got my ticket already! Will be my last before moving to Glasgow, Shandy can you prepare a list of recommended beers/bars for me? Thanks! I'm sure you'll have loads of time on your hands now the wee one has arrived ;)