Monday, October 5, 2009

Have I come up with THE secret Ale Star handshake?!

After so many contenders for the official (but highly secretive) Ale Star handshake (we got one half-assed effort!), I think I may have the winner.. mine!

After getting a little merry at Saturday's Oktoberfest, I came across it by accident.. All will be revealed at the next Ale Stars session.

Here's the original post.



  1. That's not the handshake Bec! That's one that Katja suggested way back at the beginning. Mine will be revealed at the next Ale Stars..

    I'm the only candidate so I guess I win right? ;-)

  2. Steve,
    Does the handshake work if you're SOBER?

    Prof. Pilsner

  3. It did last Saturday at Oktoberfest (at which you were sorely missed)..

  4. Well I do have a handshake idea. Guess I will show it at next ale stars hehe.

    (Just not letting you being the sole candidate LOL)

    Steve, yours is the one that you showed me at oktoberfest right or is that Katja's?

  5. What a freakin' dictatorship... I say steal the Canadians' beershake...

  6. Hey Anton, it was the one I showed you at Oktoberfest. If I'm the only contender, am I the winner?!

  7. No you are not the winner cos I am also another contender WITH MY handshake :P

    ... now that is starting to sound dirty O.o