Friday, October 9, 2009

Matilda Bay's big Big Helga launch event

Beer Diva contesting the pint carrying comp!
Big Helga is introduced!
On Wednesday, Paul and Les (from Darlo), Justin and Benno (St Kilda) and moi went along for a day long junket to launch Matilda Bay's new beer, Big Helga. Starting off at The Town Hall Hotel in Richmond, we were then bussed down to their Garage Brewery in Dandenong to meet Helga, try the beer and participate in other frivolity.. Then on to our Taphouse digs and finally the after party at the Corner Hotel rooftop bar.

The beer itself is okay (and certainly worth trying) but it isn't in the helles we were told.. Try for yourself as we'll have it on tap for a spell in the not-to-distant future..
See the slideshow here.

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