Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New night for home brewers & prizes to be won!

Thanks to the generous support of Grain & Grape in Melbourne and Dave’s Home Brew in Sydney, we're launching a new night for homebrewers!

To be held each quarter, Taphouse BrewShare is about homebrewers bringing their own home brew to barter and socialise with their peers!

Even better news is that there is a $100 Grain & Grape/Dave’s Home Brew voucher for People’s Choice Beer!

The dates for the first events are below. Home brewers can brew whatever they like for the first event. In future, however, we may have style-specific nights.

ST KILDA: Tuesday Nov 24th from 7pm & free
DARLO: Thursday Nov 26th from 7pm & free

As it's free, we need to know how many people are coming so you MUST book by emailing either or


  1. Sounds fun - does it need to be kegged, or are bottles ok too?

  2. Anything goes - bottles or kegs. Bring your own beer in an esky to keep it cool though..

  3. So whats the deal with tasters/spectators? rsvp necessary?

  4. Hi Matt,

    For the first one, we will prob make it so only home brewers can attend as we need to gauge how me might cater for non-homebrewers (given money can't change hands - due to the law etc)..