Monday, November 30, 2009

BrewShare - poll now open & other stuff

As per feedback at the Darlo BrewShare, I have posted an online poll for BrewSharers to vote on which style they want to brew for next BrewShare in both venues. You will find it in the top right corner of this blog. The poll closes next Sunday.

We got so much other great feedback last time. Here are some changes:

Next time we will split the night into two beer classes - Style of the Day AND Open Class. This means you can submit a brew in EITHER class (not both). There will be a points winner in both classes but there can only be one People's Choice best beer and this can come from either class. Best newbie brewer will also get a slap on the back!!

Non-homebrewers can come along and taste and learn although we will look at having a limit on how many.

Also, quite a few people have asked about food so we're looking at a nominal charge of $10 for future BrewShares which would get you some great pizza to soak up the booze. Anyone have a major problem with this?

Next BrewShare will be confirmed soon but will most probably be late February.


  1. sounds great! I think the $10 pizza idea is a keeper.

  2. Sounds awesome guys.. Need to know the style so we can put down a brew..

  3. $10 sounds pretty fair to me. Or you could charge people who don't bring beer $20 :)

    I like the idea of open class and to a style as well.

    Maybe once brewshare is more established, we could have more time between voting and sharing - eg, vote on the style, then share it 6 months later. That gives people a bit more time to brew a specific beer to enter.

  4. The poll closes this Sunday - then we'll know which style we're going with.