Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First ever St Kilda BrewShare

A small but keen group of home brewers gathered in St Kilda last night for the inaugural Local Taphouse BrewShare evening. 6 beers were tasted one at a time with a brief rundown from the brewers about their setup, ingredients and a few stories of successes and, of course, the failures.

The beers were assessed as we went and ultimately adjudged reverse-Brownlow-style 3-2-1, with 1 being the best.

Everyone received votes which was a credit to the brewers for their great beers.

The placings were as follows:

1st Peter Hope (see photo above - not the guy with the devious moustache) - 'Yeast Beast' Mongrel Ale (with his own home-culture strain of Chimay yeast no less!!)

2nd Peter Lowndes - 'Premium Chocolate Stout'.

3rd Brendan Harney - 'Belgian/New Zealand IPA'

Congratulations to Peter Hope for a truly great beer complete with a great label and his own cheer squad!!

A huge thanks to all the brewers for attending and for their feedback. This looks like being the start of something big! Thanks also to Grain & Grape for their terrific prize of a $100 voucher for Peter.

Stay tuned for dates on the next BrewShare.

See all the photos from the night here.

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