Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lineup for Darlo BrewShare so far

While there are a few home brewers yet to fill in the online form (deadline is Wed night or your beer can't be included), here is the awesome (sounding at least!) lineup for Thursday's Darlo BrewShare so far:

1-Jack McIntyre-Batch 17-English IPA
2-Dugal McIntyre-Batch 18-ESB
3-Jason Scala-n/a-ESB
4-Peter Hope-Yeast Beast-Mongrel Ale
5-Doc-Doc's Rhubarb Breakfast Ale-Specialty - Vegetable Beer
6-Mike Meissner-Artisinal Belgian Blonde-Belgian Blonde
7-Kris Rogers-Centennialorama-American IPA
8-Jon Seltin-n/a-Munich Dunkel
9-Ivan Bate-n/a-Pale Ale
10-Daniel Patomaki-n/a-US Hopped Summer Ale
11-Trey Shugart & Sam Clayman-Redneck Porter-Porter
12-Ben Landsberry-n/a-Bitter/Brown Porter
13-Andrew Gaul-n/a-Amber Ale
14-Graham Eyres - Peyton's Golden Ale-Golden Ale
15-Kelly Eyres-Not sure Oaty Porter-Robust Porter

More info here.

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