Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Little Creatures seasonal on the way

Hot off the press is this correspondence from Alex Troncoso (Head Brewer at Little Creatures). The beer (I think it's called Special Bitter) will be on tap at the Taphouses as soon as we get our paws on it..

The Special Bitter (sometimes the style is referred to as a "Best Bitter") has fermented out, is chilled and it is mellowing out day by day. After some early concerns I think it will be a cracking little beer. I think some of our beer-orientated fanatics will enjoy it.

The specs:
Alcohol = 4.2% ABV
AE = 3.2 Plato
BU = 34.0 IBU
Colour = 22 EBC (so a shade darker than Pale Ale)

Little Creatures Pale Ale
Australian Crystal Malt
Belgian Aromatic Malt

This is a single-hop beer with 100% East Kent Goldings (UK) used in several additions - early and late kettle, along with whirlpool. We wanted to see what the beer would be like with only the traditional EKG hop coming through......

It's not filtered yet, but so far the beer has a "classic" hop aroma - not fruity like pale, more earthy with a bit of orange marmalade coming through (note: those are Bretts words - are we winemakers now? oh dear....), combined with a firm bitterness. Subtle malt combined with the lower alchol will make this one a nice early summer session beer.

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