Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stone & Wood MovemBEER Brewery Showcase Now On

You read it right - MovemBEER. Stone & Wood of Byron Bay are the brewery showcase for the month of November....Movember. So that means MovemBEER.

Stone & Wood Brewing Company was founded by three blokes who shared a love of beer, taking a fresh approach to brewing handcrafted beer in Byron Bay, one of the greatest places on earth. Their brewing philosophy is based on brewing beer that makes the most of the ingredients available today.

Here at The Taphouse(s), we are lucky enough to have all three of their beers on tap this month. They include:

Stone Beer - A tribute to the brewers of the middle ages, this dark lager is brewed by adding wood fired stones to the kettle to rouse the boil.

Pale Lager - All about quality grain, balanced with Noble hops.

Draught Ale - Unfiltered,unpasteurized. Designed to be served on tap only to get that brewery fresh taste.

Still wondering what MovemBEER means? Well, The Local Taphouse, Stone & Wood and you the customer will each be donating 30c per regular glass sold of any Stone and Wood beer for a total of $0.90 per regular and $1.80 per large - to be donated to Movember!


  1. Hi Steve

    Is Brad Rogers going to be at Darlo for the Stone and Wood showcase?




  2. Steve, I just saw the next blog ... good news.