Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kick the Christmas kilos.. with beer

This from an article on the Today Tonight website:
The average Australian puts on four kilos over the festive season, which makes it hard if all you want for Christmas is to drop a dress size.

However, there are some practical ways to avoid a yuletide hang over.

Nutrition expert, Don Tolman, said Australians should not feel guilty about indulging in beer this Christmas because, if brewed properly, it is good for us.

"Drinking beers is one of the best things we can do," he said.

"Beer and natural organic wines, they are medicinal and very healthy," Don said.

Mr Tolman has identified a number of beers that are better than the more main stream, highly filtered options.

They are preservative and additive free. The list includes Coopers, Red Oak, Fat Yak, Mountain Goat, Edmonstone, and Barossa.

The Greenman and Hefeweizen by Hoegarden also get his tick of approval.

"There are some good ones out there," he said.

"A lot of people, thankfully, in breweries in Australia, are trying to lift this thing and come back to reality."

Stone and Wood, brewed in Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, is one of the 'good ones'.

Ross Jurisich from the brewery said less is definitely more when it comes to good quality beer.

"Beer is very much a natural food product," he said.

"We've got water, malted grain, yeast and hops and looked after the right way, you are going to have some great tasting beer."