Monday, December 7, 2009

Rogue Ales Showcase tapped!

The Rogue Ales showcase has been tapped today in both venues. We have 6 Rogue kegs of which 5 we've never had before.

This is a rare chance to try some of these world class ales from Oregon, USA, so come down before we drain the kegs!

Check out the What's On Tap Today list at the top of this blog for what were starting with in each venue.


  1. That 10% "today only" discount comes in handy.....

  2. Love the Rougue line but why no love for the malts??

    Where's the world champion Hazlenut Brown Nectar?? Or the infamous Dead Guy ale? Even their American Amber would suffice....

    Clearly hop-lovers have had their day in terms of selection this month! Is this a seasonal thing or what?

    Malt lovers unite!!

  3. We've had those in the past.

    Don't worry, malt will rise again.