Monday, December 21, 2009

What's in store from Feral Brewing

Here's what Feral are sending our way early in 2010.. It's fantastic to see the leading Aussie microbreweries pushing the boundaries (as well as doing the basics well)

More Fantapants,

Double dry hopped Razorback, this will be a version only three weeks out of the brewhouse. Typically Razorback would be held a few months to lager before release which sees the hops integrate more fully with the other components of the beer. This version is meant to be drunk fresh and young to expose the raw hop power! You will rarely see 10% ABV beer released this young with this level of hopping.

Barrel aged Farmhouse Ale, saison aged 6 months in old shiraz barrels

Dark Funk, a red ale fermented in chardonnay barrels with lactobacillus and pediococcus bacterias

An as yet unnamed Belgian Strong ale, aged in shiraz barrels (mid to late Feb)

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  1. Sounds awesome! More late nights and rough mornings for 2010!