Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anyone tried Samuel Adams Utopias?

I was very lucky last night to sample the famed Samuel Adams Utopias, until recently the strongest beer in the world at 27% ABV. I was in Boston's Sunset Grill & Tap (with its 112 beers on tap) and it was my last beer of the night - thankfully.

Truly terrific..

More soon..

PS. Even better was I got a receipt!

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  1. I believe it still is the strongest beer in the world, where beer is defined as a non-distilled fermented grain beverage. Tactical Nuclear Penguin, while apparently very impressive, is freeze-distilled after fermentation. Cheating! I've not tried TNP, but I have tried Utopias. It seems fasionable to diss it, but I'm with you. Loved it.