Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darlo staffer Jordan explores the Beers n' Breweries of Hawaii

Aloha! After reading reports of Steve's alcoholic adventures across the United States, I decided to book a trip of my own. Under the guise of a 'romantic getaway', I managed to undertake a full fledged tour of duty, in the name of beer, under the flag of the Local Taphouse Australia.

Destination: Hawaii.

As with most US cities, HI is big on craft beer. Easily the largest being the Kona Brewing Company. Almost all bars, restaurants (even gyms!) tap the smooth, gently hopped Longboard Lager or the rich and bitter Fire Rock Pale.

The brewery itself was a treat. Picture swaying palms, sunning turtles and ukulele ambience drifting on the afternoon breeze. The Kona Coffee Pipeline Porter pours deep, dark and ruby. A very, very smooth beer, chock full of roasted coffee and by far my favourite Kona brew. Next on the hitlist, the worlds Eastern most brewery 'Waimea brewery' in Kuai. With a head brewer renowned for exessive hopping, each beer tasted,.... kind of the same. Capt Cook IPA, however, did our founding
father proud!

Other notable micro's of Hawaii include Hawaii Nui's 'Sunset Amber', Maui Brewing's 'CoCoNut Porter' and Mehana's 'Volcano Red Ale'

Finally, if in Waikiki, please visit The Yardhouse. An incredible range of taps from the most obscure lambic to exotic hybrids and everything in between.

Come check out some of Hawaii's finest bottled brews now donning the walls of the Taphouse Darlo!


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