Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you're in Perth this Friday..

If you're in Perth this Friday, you may be interested in this from Little Creatures:
Hi Hopheads,

At the brewery we are running a little experiment in which we have dry-hopped two 50L kegs of Rogers' - each with a different Tasmanian Hop Variety - support the locals, eh?

These kegs will be dispensed "English style" through our hand pump in our Brewhouse Cellar Door this coming Friday 22nd January from 4pm.

The first keg has been dry-hopped with Topaz - a very high bitterness hop (16.5%AA for those brewing-orientated people!), with a lovely aroma. The second keg is dry-hopped with a Tasmanian Hallertau - a local take on a classic German hop.

The Tuesday afternoon crew have dosed up the kegs, so they are resting now and absorbing hop aroma and flavour. We know it's not all that much time from Tuesday to Friday (in dry-hopping terms), so we debated it and added a wee bit
more just in case.......

So if you want to try the experiment, and perhaps have a drink with the brewers, feel free to come down. And hey, don't be scared if the beer is a little more warm and flat than you are accustomed to - it's meant to be that way!

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