Monday, February 1, 2010

Melbourne BrewShare cancelled for tomorrow night. Is Darlo next? Feedback wanted.

Melbourne BrewShare has been cancelled today (for tomorrow) as we didn't get a single person booking.

While there is a week to go, Darlo only has 5 people booked so far (we will review the numbers later this week to see whether to cancel that too). Last time in Darlo, we had a room full of 25 people eager to come again and dozens of people voting for APA to be the style for the next night.

Together with Grain & Grape and Dave's Home Brew, we're really keen to support homebrew crews in both cities but hardly anyone appears interested in this round of events and we announced the dates two months ago, have posted updates on these forums and on our blog!

Please post your comments as to whether this night is worth supporting moving forward.


  1. I think with Alestars, Spectapular and Brewshare all within a week may be too many events. A move of the brewshare even one week later to the 16th or 18th may see a bigger increase of numbers. I don't remember seeing a blog saying that registrations had opened either, the last I heard was the style was decided.


  2. I agree with Jason, it should be pushed back a couple of weeks. I don't recall a blog announcing registrations either...


  3. I'm all for this continuing. The first night at St Kilda was great.

    Those of us at the first night were told we'd b put on the mailing list but I haven't received any emails as yet.

    I think (hope) the lack of interest could be put down to people not being back into the swing of things after the New Year. Postponing until March could be the go.

    Andrew D

  4. As a Randy Mosher disciple, and newbie to the Sydney brewing scene, I was stoked to hear about the Darlo BrewShare - a place where mongrel beers are among friends. ;-) Would hate to see this young tradition disappear, especially before I actually make it one!

    I'm one of the five currently registered, so obviously no objections to the date here. Though a later date may give my Mango IPA a chance to find itself in slightly better balance (yeah, excuses...)

    - Jill

  5. I'm definitely up for Brewshare, but as said above, it's sort of difficult for some people to come into the city for so many events. I'd prioritise the other stuff that's going on rather than inflict other people with my (potentially) shite beer.

  6. I attended the first Brewshare at St Kilda and thought it a worthwhile venture. Was late this time in registering but was planning on going. Will register earlier for next one and hopefully others respond likewise to it.


  7. Found out about The Local Taphouse St Kilda after walking past, thought it looked interesting. Looked it up on the net and found out about BrewShare. I'll be attending the next one.

    Great idea, looking forward to it. Just so happen to have a robust porter bottled, we'll see if I can keep it until May ;)

    Some feedback: I'm allergic to the flash blob site. It looks nice, but it's very hard to navigate. I didn't find the BrewShare details the first time I visited. Once I found the blog it was much easier.

  8. Cheers Tom for feedback. We're trying to relaunch our new and improved website. Just need to find the time for final tweeks. Sadly, it will still be partly flash!