Monday, February 22, 2010

Coming in March: Murray’s Shawn’s Fault – India Dark Ale (sort of)

Murray’s Shawn’s Fault – India Dark Ale (sort of)
7.2% abv

Why would our business deliberately produce something that most people won’t like?
Isn’t the whole purpose of being in business to sell as much of your products and services as you can to make money?

At Murray’s our passion is about our beer. What interests us and a lot of our supporters is pushing the boundaries of what great craft beer can be.
Shawn’s fault is an out-there beer! Freestyle brewing at its extreme.

If you like big flavours and something a bit different, you’ll love Shawn’s Fault. And if you don’t – then it’s Shawn’s fault! This is not a beer for low-carb, no flavour fans.

Inspired by reading about an American craft brewery’s India Black Ale, this is a full flavoured IPA brewed using dark malts. The result is a great blend of big hop flavour and aroma with the strong dark chocolate, almost coffee-like flavours from chocolate and black patent malts used. The naming of this beer is really a joke with no pun intended. And if you really hate the beer, don’t blame Shawn. Blame Murray!

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