Monday, February 22, 2010

Hunter Beer Co. Showcase in March

In March we wil be showcasing Hunter Beer Co. (NSW) in both venues. Expect to taste their Kolsch, lager, bock, wit, APA and ginger..

We'll let you know when we're off and tapped!


  1. Hope you get the Gose that Keith brewed with Doctors Orders Brewing...would be, to my knowledge, only the second place (other than Potters) to serve a Gose in Australia!

  2. Sadly, the Gose ísn't in the showcase lineup but I will see if I can get it another time.

    Would you rate it>

  3. Rate it, as in on BeerAdvocate or Ratebeer, or just in general rate your ability to obtain a greatly varied range of beers from all over the world?

    I don't do ratings on BA or RB, but i certainly rate your pubs' ability to source a massively impressive range of beers from world class brewers and emerging micros!!!

  4. I meant do you love it (as I haven't tasted it)?

    Incidentally, have you seen the latest blog post that Keith will be the special guest on Tuesday??!

  5. Taphouse RegularMarch 1, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    Sorry Steve, wasn't thinking:)

    I haven't tasted it yet, might get a chance as i am sort of up that way in a fortnight.

    Would like to go to AleStars but can't do this tuesday night sadly...