Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Hill hop picking is on! RSVP ESSENTIAL

As per an earlier post, the date of Red Hill Brewery's hop harvest is now confirmed as Tuesday 9th March, 9.30am sharp start.

Some of you have expressed interest in coming along for the day. They will be providing morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and of course cold beer!

You will need:
  • old clothes as hops are oily and may stain your clothes.
  • long sleeves as hops are scratchy but they will be providing gloves
  • a camping chair, hat and sunscreen.

    RSVP is essential as places are limited. Post a comment not later than the end of this week if you definitely want to come. First in best dressed.

    1. I would love to come along! :)


    2. Prof is in - if space is a problem I can meet you down there or pick people up along the way.

    3. I can't make it as its a week day but if someone picks some extras I'd be happy to financially compensate them for some! My email is mwarshall[at], please let me know.

    4. Marc, I don't think we get to keep any. You do get free beer though!

      Alas, I can't make it:(

    5. Dan and I would love, love, love to! How can we get there?

    6. Justin-Paul is coming as well :) (just smsed him)