Monday, March 22, 2010

Five Islands Brewery Road Trip 21 March 2010

Last Sunday an intrepid group of customers and staff met at The Local Darlinghurst for an Ale Star road trip down to the Gong to vist AG at 5IBC brewery (aka Five Islands).

After a heartstarter at 10.30am we set off on a glorious sunny day for the 70klm trip. After 20km we realised we were parched and stopped off at the bottleshop for refreshments!

We were greeted at the 5IBC by AG who then took us through his workplace and gave us a great insight into the makings of some of his brews. We were thrilled at sampling fresh from the tanks his Longboard, Dapto Lager, Rust and Bulli Black.

Then it was off to the 5IBC Hotel which is on the coast adjacent to WIN stadium - home of the Dragons. AG treated us to jug after jug while we feasted on a hearty lunch and watched the sights overlooking the beach. A highlight was the Obama Ale.

A very merry group of revellers then dodged traffic and reboarded the bus back to Sydney.

A HUGE thanks to our host AG who gave us the real VIP treatment - Cheers.

Plans are afoot for a trip up to Murray's Brewery in the near future - stay tuned.

Here's the slideshow of the day (just press play).


  1. IT was AWESOME! Looking forward to the murrays trip. Already planning a trip there in April I'm so excited.

  2. Looks like it was an awesome day! Wish I could have been there!!

  3. It was an awsome day indeed. But crikey Finnigan, how many photos of my very rough head do you need? I was quite stung, good thing AG's brews were the perfect hair of the pooch!