Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Brown Out in St Kilda for the Ale Star session

Tuesday night saw the St Kilda Ale Stars gather for a brown ale session. It was typically busy and it was great to see several newcomers. Tsar Shandy was in flying form and a good time was had by all. Four new members got their mugs and locker keys (shirts next session)..

The Prof (and perhaps Gemma's) report will be posted as soon as they're done.

Thanks to James and Prof for taking the photos. Also to BeerMasons for their supply of the Avery brown ale and the t-shirt prize (which Simon won).

We're very excited about next month as Feral Brewing head brewer, Brendan Varis, is visiting us from Perth. The night will see Brendan tell us about his brewing experiences while we down glasses of his fine output, including a brew made just for the occasion.. Can't wait.

Play the slideshow below...

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