Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doc is confirmed as our new Ale Star Tsar in Darlo

Darren 'Doc' Robinson is now confirmed to take over from AG as the honorary Darlo Ale Star Tsar. They're mighty big shoes to fill but we know Doc is going to be a great host of the sessions.

As well as being one of the leading Identity Architects in Oz that work for IT Integrators, Doc runs Doctors Orders Brewing, a hobby that has organically grown without boundaries. Its roots were spawned when he received a homebrew starter kit xmas gift from his mother-in-law over 10 years ago. So began his journey to consume knowledge relating to the process of brewing and appreciating beer. His recent gose-style beer sold out in just two hours at Harts pub in The Rocks!

Doc's also involved with AussieHomeBrewer and developer of the Australian Brewers Network and Beeraholix websites. He is also a regular BrewSharer at The Local Taphouse.

Don't you hate overachievers?! ;-)

Welcome aboard Doc!


  1. Nice one- I meet Darren at The Taphouse Little Creatures tasting- I tweeted a photo of a beer and Darren turned around to me saying "did you take this photo?" I was freaked out... I follow his Beeraholix tweets and he follows my tweets.
    He's a nice man- an added incentive to come along to an Ale Star nite as I haven't been to one yet.