Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now on Twitter - Now what?

I'm not quite sure what to do next but I've just created a Twitter page for both venues - localtaphouseSK and localtaphouseDL.

If anyone can help explain how to use this (seriously) including integrating it into our website and FB Page, that would be bloody marvellous! Email steve AT

You can obviously follow us on Twitter. I have also found this neat gadget in the left column which also posts our tweets on the blog..


  1. Hi,

    I've been tweeting fairly prolifically using #localtaphouse and #alestars to denote conversations about those topics. #localtaphouse is generally prefixed with the location i.e St Kilda #localtaphouse. Search those terms on twitter and see what's been said.

  2. Huh?! I need a face to face lesson over a beer!

  3. I think one of the most useful things the Taphouses could do with Twitter is keep people up to date with what's on tap. For example, sending a tweet as soon as a beer has run out and telling us what it has been replaced with.

    The blog isn't always completely up to date in this aspect; I've come in a few times looking forward to having a specific beer which was listed as being on tap, only to find that it ran out a day or two before.

  4. The blog is kept up to date most of the time but we are discussing tweeting new beers as soon as they're tapped.

    Thanks for the feedback..

  5. Are you stopping the text alerts for new beers being tapped in favour of new-fangled-twit-malarkey?


  6. Hey Ben,

    It looks like it. We spend HEAPS on the SMS service, more than its marketing benefits. We will certainly be tweeting new beers as they're tapped as well as possibly posting something on Facebook. There is also our tap list on the blog which is kept up to date by the cellarman..