Friday, May 28, 2010

Next St Kilda Ale Star session on Scottish Ales. Book now.

The next St Kilda Ale Star beer appreciation session on Tues June 15th is all about Scottish Ales. I imagine Shandy is going to love this one..

The lineup is a wee heavy, a gruit, a whiskey barrel aged beer and maybe Mc Chouffe (a Belgian inspired Scotch ale).

It costs $30 which includes 4 beer samples and food. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there.

Bookings essential here.


  1. You should've put this in Scottish!

    Th' next St Kilda Ale Staurn swally appreciation session oan Tues Juin 15th is aw abit Scottish Ales. Ah imagine Shandy is gonnae loove thes a body... and so on

  2. Brilliant! This will be my first Ale Stars session...and what a way to begin! Can't wait. Cheers.

  3. How do you do that Katja??!

  4. Hey Steve. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, how will ale stars members book from now on?



  5. Hey Dave,

    For the time being, we will send out an email to all members directly and they will need to RSVP to that..