Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canadian Craft Beer SpecTAPular can now be revealed but can you name it?!

At last we can announce what we think will be one of our best ever SpecTAPulars... but we want you to help us name it!

SpecTAPular IX will feature a stellar lineup from four of Canada's finest craft breweries for the first time ever on tap in Australia.

The festival will take place in both our Darlo and St Kilda venues on Saturday August 14th from midday until 1am. We will have only limited supplies of these beers so, as normal, get in early as a bell will ring throughout the venue when each keg is drained. There will also live entertainment and Canadian-themed cuisine. Many of the staff will be dressing up as something Canadian and you should too..

But... we need a name though! If you can come with a witty name that beats The Moose & Mountie SpecTAPular (our working title) and which immediately evokes Canada (like the Star Spangled SpecTAPular did for our US beerfest), we'll figure out some sort of prize for you. Think of words like mountie, maple etc. Post your comments below by the end of this week!

Here is the confirmed lineup:

Dieu du Ciel!
Rosée D'hibiscus (Hibiscus flavoured wheat)
Corne du Diable (IPA)
Peche Mortel (Coffee Imperial Stout)
Blanche du Paradis (Wit)
Charbonniere (Smoked Ale)
Dernière volonté (Dry hopped Belgian-style blond)
Aphrodisiaque (Cocoa and Vanilla Stout)

Les Trois Mousquetaires
Weizen Impériale

Le Trou du Diable
Morsure (IPA)
La Chose (India Wee-heavy)
Impératrice (Imperial Stout)
Buteuse (Belgian-style Tripel)
Baron Noir (Baltic Porter)

Le Bilboquet
Larchange (Hefeweizen)
Métayer Brune (Brown Ale)
MacKroken Flower (Scotch Ale)
L’Affriolante (Honey and Spice Ale)


  1. Is August the 17th the right date? It falls on a Tuesday is all.

  2. Cheers for picking that up. Now fixed!

  3. To be fair it is more of a Quebec SpecTAPular given that all your breweries are from Quebec.

    In any case:

    The Crazy Canuck SpecTAPular
    The Quirky Quebec SpecTAPular (to be fair some of those are quite quirky beers)
    Not Another SpecTAPular, eh?
    The True North SpecTAPular
    La Belle SpecTAPular (Quebec is 'La Belle Province')
    Crazy Quebecker SpecTAPular

    Hope that helps.

  4. My suggestion is The Crafty Canuck's SpecTAPular !

  5. The Pickled Moose SpecTAPular

  6. I love them but keep away from the drunk connotations (e.g. pickled). We're about quality not quantity!

  7. Furry Beaver SpecTAPular
    Too much?

  8. I'm thinking with this weather, a reference to something about hockey, ice, snow could be good. The iced over specTAPular. Turn the Taphouse into an icerink. Am sure someone more cleverer than me could some up with a better one. or maybe the the Rocky & Bullwinkle SpecTAPular, would love to see the staff dressup for that one.
    Good luck

  9. This is so Awesome!

    I am gonna go with 'The Great Gretzky' SpecTAPular
    or maybe just 'Eh Hosers!'

  10. SpecTapular Canadia Beer Day, Aye!

  11. These are some of the staff ones. Now you can see why we might need help (with most of them at least!)

    • Merry Moose SpecTAPular
    • The Jolly Mountie SpecTAPular*
    • Merry Mountie SpecTAPular*
    • 'no cans, just canadians'
    • 'puts the alk in alcohol'
    • 'dont moose out'
    • BEERver fest
    • Grizzly BEER fear

  12. Haha the staff ones are gold.

  13. Dave (of AHB maple fame)June 15, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    Take off, you hoser
    There's a frog in my beer
    Those other French brewers
    Strong and free
    Maple's syrup
    The great white north
    Hockey, beavers and beer, what else do you want!

  14. The Moutie Mount'n Moose SpecTAPular.
    No drunken connotations in there...

  15. I think you should call it "Strange Brew". Please tell me you've seen that movie.

  16. Fleurdelish Spectacular for a name. Hope that means Neil Young and Tegan and Sara will be on the speakers!

  17. The malty beaver.

    And then maybe follow up with a Brazilian special

  18. Actually, if anyones seen Strange Brew, then "Hosehead" would make sense.

    The "Hosehead Spactapular".

  19. "If you drink, Then drive, You're a Bloody Innuit"

  20. There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!

  21. And from Anton & J-P at Ale Stars last night:

    Mape Leaf MooseTAPular
    Lumbering Moose SpecTAPular
    O'Canada O'SpecTAPular

  22. Stanley CupTAPular
    a Canuckin' great day
    Blame Can-TAPular
    Yukon do it
    SpecTAPgara falls

  23. Canuckget another beer?

  24. The Moose is Loose
    Mounties, Moose and Moonshine....

  25. The Quebequaff SpecTAPular.

  26. What about the Mapled Moose & Mountie SpecTAPular

    "Mapled" in the Urban Dictionary is defined as being a bit drunk. As in: Man I got a bit Mapled last night at the Taphouse!


    Of course we are all about responsible service of alcohol.

  27. "More than Moosehead Spectapular"

  28. Hah, Canucktoberfest is gold.