Friday, June 11, 2010

Brewday for the Mountain Goat & Homebrewers of the Year

Barry Cranston at work.

Dave (from Mountain Goat), Steve and Barry.

On Tuesday, James and I dropped by Mountain Goat brewery as it was brewday for the collaboration between Mountain Goat and the joint winners of the Australian Homebrewer of the Year (Barry Cranston and Ross Mitchell) for The Local Taphouses.

Barry flew in from NSW for 24 hours (Ross had sent his input earlier) and got his hands dirty as you can see from the slideshow.

The resultant beer (a kolsch) will be tapped for the very first time at a function in July soon to be announced for the St Kilda Taphouse. It will likely be tapped in Darlo on the same night.

For all you homebrewers who aspire to graduating from brewing in the garage to brewing with the Goat guys, the best place to start is the Taphouse BrewShare!


  1. Fwaaarrr! A brewers wet dream!

  2. Congratulations to The Local Taphouse and Mountain Goat for this initiative! Sharing the brewing really goes against the gross competitive commercial nature of the world today...providing a positive outcome for all! Well done!

  3. Had a great day thanks to Dave and Steve. I was sorry Ross couldn't make it but hope to catch up with him at the launch of the kolsch. It was really good getting brewing insights from the brewers Jane and Craig (who has to be the best stirrer that I have ever met).
    Hope to share the kolsch with at least some of you when it is released.