Friday, June 4, 2010

July Ale Star special guest in Darlo will be Murray's Head Brewer. Book now.

Next month in Darlingurst will see Murray's Brewing Co's head brewer, Shawn Sherlock, as special guest talking about Murray's and their beers. He will bring along their new seasonal as a special treat. Book now!

This is the only photo of Shawn I could find. They must not let him out of the brewery often!

Last month we had Feral's Brendan Varis at the St Kilda Ale Stars and now we have Murray's Shawn Sherlock lined up for Darlo. Two of the very best brewers Australia has! Watch this space for more special guests lined up..

Paul will post a report and photos of last night's Ale Star beer appreciation session on specialty lagers shortly..

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